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Having battled seasonal allergies for most my life, I was ready for a change. Sneezing and sniffling my way through spring and summer for decades had taken its toll. The synthetic, man-made medicines prescribed by doctors just weren't enough to completely rid my symptoms, and they left me feeling drowsy and groggy...and confined to the indoors on beautiful days when I'd rather be enjoying the outdoors with my family.


In the spring of 2012, while sniffling and sneezing my way through another Missouri springtime season, a good friend mentioned the benefits of local honey in fighting seasonal allergy symptoms. With minimal research, I quickly realized that honey, especially in its most raw form, can be an instrumental resource in fighting a myriad of health issues.


With nothing more than a desire to ease the symptoms of seasonal allergies, I bought my first pound of raw, local honey from a produce stand near my home, and I've been adding a tablespoon to each cup of coffee every day since. By the next spring, I could tell a difference. While my seasonal allergy symptoms still returned, they weren't nearly as debilitating as I'd come to expect. By the spring of 2014, just two years after starting a daily regimen of raw, local honey intake, the symptoms of my seasonal allergies were completely gone, and I was medicine free fop the first time in over twenty years!


When the local produce stand sold out of their local honey in the spring of 2015, I went on a week-long search for a new supplier. When I found a local supplier whose minimum quantity is a five gallon bucket, I was initially reluctant to buy that much for my own personal use. However, knowing that honey has no expiration date, I figured what the'll last me a couple years.


By the time I picked it up, I had been without my daily honey fix for well over a month, and summer was upon me. I was so overjoyed to have a new source of honey, I literally strapped that five gallon bucket into the front seat beside me, snapped a silly picture, and posted it to Facebook as I headed home. By the time I made it home over an hour later, so many friends had commented on my picture wanting to buy some, that if I were to sell it, I wouldn't have any for myself.


Initially reluctant to sell my stash, I had a change of heart when I saw that my friends were suffering through their spring allergy symptoms much like I had for decades. Repackaging that first five gallons and selling it for enough to cover my expenses, I returned to my new local source for another five gallon bucket for myself. As word continued to spread among my friends that I had raw, local honey for sale, that bucket quickly sold too. And the rest, as the saying goes, is history. 


As business continued to grow, it was only a few short months before our great-tasting, raw, local honey was flying off the shelves of five local produce stands and one major retail provider of grocery items who specializes in providing local, home-grown foods.


As we look to the future, we believe consumers are continually demanding a high standard of excellence from the companies who provide their foods. The desire to fill our diets with less synthetic and man-made ingredients, instead replacing them for more pure and all-natural ingredients isn't going away anytime soon. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best that nature has to offer us.


The Bee's Knees Honey. All-Natural. One ingredient. Unchanged and unaltered by human hands since creation. Just as God intended. More than a name, it really is the The Bee's Knees.

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